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Fees, Payment & Insurance

Therapy & Mental Skills Training Sessions

  • $270 Licensed Provider

  • $225 AMFT

  • 50-minute session

(If you are an athlete with limited finances, we can discuss the possibility of a sliding scale fee.) 


  • Does Align accept insurance?

  • No, Align is an out-of-network provider and we do not work directly with any insurance companies. 

  • Some insurance companies will reimburse part of the cost of out-of-network visits; this varies based on your individual insurance plan. 

  • Align provides monthly superbills for our appointments for you to submit directly to your insurance company for reimbursement. 



  • ​$300 per hour

Questions you can ask your insurance company: 

  • Call your insurance company and ask if you have mental health coverage for "out-of-network" providers. 

  • Ask what is the rate of reimbursement for various services. 

  • Obtain information about the deductible you might need to meet before receiving reimbursement from them. 

  • Ask what CPT codes are covered by insurance if they do provide reimbursement. 

  • Ask if reauthorization is required and what is needed for this.




(Presentations vary depending on the subject, length, location, and logistics.)

Common Codes

  • Common codes used for services provided include, but are not limited to: 

    • 90791​

    • 90832, 90834, 90837

    • Add on code 95 for telehealth services

    • 90846 & 90847

    • 90853

    • 90865

    • 90875

    • 96130 & 96131

    • 96136 & 96137

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