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“If you keep getting the same distance, change your approach.”
-Debbie Bucciero

Dr. Caroline Vetter, Psy.D.

Clinical and Sports Psychologist


Additional Areas of Expertise:

  • Adults, Adolescents & Families
  • Mindfulness & Self-compassion
  • Trauma
  • Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy 





Currently Providing Telehealth Appointments

A Bit About Me

Hello, I’m Dr. Caroline Vetter and my hope is that in the description here you will get to know my credentials and areas of specialty, as well as more about who I am as a person. I believe that it is crucial to find the right fit in a therapist, because so much of the work done in therapy centers around building a trusting relationship. 

From an early age I have always enjoyed exploring different sports and outdoor activities. Raised in a family of athletes, I found my passion in the Equestrian sport world after generously receiving horseback riding lessons for my 6th birthday. After my first time in the saddle, I knew it would be a part of my life forever. Balancing time at the barn and horse shows with other responsibilities like friends & family, horse & personal injuries, and having down time in my personal life wasn’t always easy, but I found that horses helped me manage the workload and that the second I stepped into the barn I was fully in the present moment. I believe that so much of what we struggle with as humans is being caught somewhere other than the present moment and if we can find our way back there then all things line up and we can perform at our best. 

In terms of my credentials, I am a Licensed Psychologist in California (PSY32615) and Oregon (#3481). I obtained my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. I have worked and completed training in a multitude of settings with diverse clients. I have also had specialized training in working with athletes. I enjoy helping athletes overcome low self confidence, anxiety and fear and find more self acceptance and self compassion. As you might have guessed, I specialize in working with Equestrian athletes of all levels and disciplines. My extensive equestrian knowledge and competition background informs how I approach working with all athletes, giving me a personal understanding of what it is like to be an athlete and the specific and unique struggles that can come with that. 


I strive to provide a warm and supportive environment for you to explore the things going on for you. My approach is collaborative, relational and empathic, and I welcome all aspects of your identity. Some of my values include compassion, self-development, continually learning and challenging what “we know,” and humor. I use she/her pronouns.


Doctorate of Psychology 

Bachelors of Science in Psychology 
cume laude

The Wright Institute: Berkeley, CA

Florida State University: Tallahassee, FL

    “Suckin’ at something is the first step towards being sorta good at something.”
    -Jake the Dog, Adventure Time

    Horseback Riding
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