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we create alignment. 

Align is dedicated to providing you with expert psychological care that understands athletics, pressure, and peak performance.


Finding alignment in our lives leads to confidence, growth, and personal development.

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At Align, we focus on your process — not the outcome — unlocking your full potential.


Clinical Therapy

Life can throw us ‘curve balls’ that knock us off our game. Align views mental health as a journey that is not always linear or easy. Having an ally to challenge life’s hardships can be transformative, leading to progress and personal growth. We believe in individualized, empathic, and directive treatment approaches to help you reach your goals. Through self-exploration in a safe and strengths-based environment, you’ll learn about yourself and your needs, helping you attain balance in your life. Achieving alignment of mind, body, and purpose, allows obstacles to melt away. Athletes and high-performance patients may seek treatment for building mental toughness, overcoming fear of failure, coping with injury, managing pressure, and other issues. Therapeutic support can help you fully engage in all aspects of your life.

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Mental Skills

Have you ever had the experience where you feel like you’re ‘leaving everything on the field’ but you aren’t performing at the optimum level? Here at Align, we help you crush ‘mental blocks.’ Whether you are too much in your head or just can’t seem to execute the game plan, we can help. Through mental skills training, a personalized program introduces specific mental toughness skills to bring your game to the next level.


Align believes that education, conversation, and the spreading of knowledge are integral parts of learning, growth, and change.  The practice presents to athletes at all levels, parents, coaches, sports medicine professionals, athletic staff, and collegiate programs. We collaborate with you to provide an energetic, engaging, professional, and expert presentation that spreads knowledge and the passion for athletics and holistic wellness.

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We provide both clinical and programmatic consultation services. We can support you if you are a provider treating a patient who could benefit from a sports psychology clinical lens. If you are part of an athletic system looking to consult about program development or sports psychology services, we can help. Here at Align, we believe everyone should have access to expert care and we are happy to consult with you.



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